UTS development overview (Feb-Mar 2020)


UTS development overview (Feb-Mar 2020)

In this post:

  • Common questions about UTS
    • When will the game be released?
    • Why is there not enough information about the project?
    • What game engine is the game being developed on?
    • Will the game be available for free?
  • Latest content ideas from UTS community
  • UTS system requirements (approximate)
  • Our general development notice
  • Alinit Project: news and updates
  • AG Subway Simulator: latest updates

As usual, this post is written in simplified English. Sorry to native English speakers for any inconvenience.

Common questions about the UTS project

In this section we gonna try to answer for most common and important questions about the UTS project we’ve received from game’s community.

When will the game be released?

Maybe most important and frequent question.
Anyone who contacted to our support with a question related to the UTS release date, received the answer said that “we try not to share the UTS release date..”.
But why? There’s a couple of reasons.
We always telling to the community that the game development process is going on schedule, and there’s no reasons to be worried. But what is this schedule like?
When we started the UTS development process, we understood that this process will take a lot of time. UTS is the very large project, and we’re small indie team. It’s very important relation, giving an answer to the question “why is so long (you need to wait for the release)”. So, we understood the situation and planned development, taking into account all opportunities and sources we have. And when we tell that development is going OK, it doesn’t means that development will be finished soon.
As developers, we are waiting for the release, too. But our main goal is to make a quality product, and this goal requires more resources, including time.
We just hope for understanding from the project community. Thanks to all our followers. Your support is very important for us.

Why is there not enough information about the project?

We already posted some info about the UTS project, but we can agreed that information isn’t too substantial. Well, why do we keep so much secrets about the game?
The reason is simple — it’s competition.
Our projects are monitored by several small game studios (by the way, hello there, hope you guys reading this). Some of them have much more resources than we have (author: yes, I mean money). As we said (wrote) before, we are the small indie team, but we have great ideas (in our opinion, of course) and, currently, much less resources than our competitors. And we understand they can easily stole our ideas and use them in their own projects. Again, with our resources and jurisdiction (we are based in Ukraine) it could be hard to prove a fact of plagiarism, so it is better to prevent it.
What we posted about the UTS project, showing some features we planned to add to the game, but main features that are really worth of attention will be kept in secret until early access or game release.

What game engine is the game being developed on?

And… such info is classified 🙂

Actually, we made several preview builds on different game engines:
– Unity3D (currently one of the most common game engine for such sorts of games, but not priority for the UTS project).
– Amazon Lumberyard (another interesting solution)
– Some other engines

These builds were tested, so we had an opportunity to compare different game engines and choose one the game is being developed on.
We’ll share information about the engine used later.

Will the game be available for free?

Yes. The game will be available for free (free-to-download), but may contain paid content.

Latest content ideas from UTS community

We appreciate to individual community members who share their content ideas with us. Here’s some of most noticeable ideas we’ve received:

  • Add the manual transmission to the game (for buses and other possible vehicles). Proposed by @yaser96838286
    P.S. this is a very special proposition, so we’ll try to do all we can.
  • “The phone feature, go to restaurants/drive through, and buy a garage and house”. Proposed by @johnlexpogi
    The phone feature may be a good additional, but not sure about a possibility to buy a garage and a house. UTS is the such game where a player “works for a company”, and not creating his own one. However, we’ll think about this more deeply.
  • Add the Mercedes O405 and Mercedes O405G bus models.
    Proposed by @Jupiter30566163

UTS system requirements (approximate)

Here’s listed approx. UTS system requirements for both Android and iOS platforms:


  • CPU Freq. more than 1 GHz
  • OpenGL ES 3.1 support (recommended)
  • OS Android version 6.0 or higher
  • Up to 1 GB of free storage space


  • Apple iPhone SE (minimal, 6 is recommended) or newer
  • iOS 12 or higher

General Development Notice

We want to be as honest as possible with our community.
So, we need to say that the UTS project currently isn’t in our priority list.

We are looking for additional investments for the project, and prioritize development of our another, “Unnamed project” (for details – see “Unnamed Project” section).

We’ll try to do our best to attract the necessary investments (have a couple of potential investors for now). This is a little bit harder in the current situation, but still possible.

We ask to everyone to keep calm (related to our projects), and stay tuned 😉 Thank you!

Alinit Project: news and updates

  • Nikolay Suslo has left the team.
    We’ve been prepared for this. Nikolay has left the team due to his final exams at the University, so he need much more time to prepare, but the project can’t wait. We had discussed it beforehand, made a lot of props and models and prepare the project for his leaving.
    Want to say thank you to Nikolay for his hard work, and wish him good luck. Of course, he can come back 🙂

AG Subway Simulator: latest updates

We continue to unpublish the AG SubSim games from the stores, and recently unpublished Mobile game modification on Google Play.
Unpublishment progress:

Amazon App Store:
AG Subway Simulator Mobile – REMOVED
AG Subway Simulator Lite – REMOVED

Apple App Store:
AG Subway Simulator Mobile – REMOVED
AG Subway Simulator Lite – REMOVED
AG Subway Simulator Pro – REMOVED

Google Play:
AG Subway Simulator Mobile – REMOVED
AG Subway Simulator Lite – PUBLISHED
AG Subway Simulator Test Area – REMOVED
AG Subway Simulator Pro – PART. REMOVED (CIS)

We are removing the game according to the Alpha Intl. IT Group Liquidation Convention.

Please feel free to comment on this publication.

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