Slow and Steady


Slow and Steady

Hello everyone!
Unfortunately, the release of AG Subway Simulator SE is delayed. The main reasons are:

  • We’re currently unable to start up a dedicated server for the game. This server is required to process some analytical data and to power up some in-game features.

    We have a physical server that should be installed in our home data centre 🙂
    But this requires a broadband Internet connection (wired), and since we using wireless mobile connection for our work, our Internet provider need to mount new cable line for us. For security reasons (and due to the highest quarantine level in our region) we decided to put that process on hold.
    We can’t use VDS or something like that in this case. Also we can’t store the server in 3rd-party data centre because it’s too expensive for the project yet.
  • The game isn’t ready for Beta testing yet.
    Actually, the testing could start as planned, but we need to finalise a couple of features. Taking into account the situation with the dedicated server we decided to delay Beta release for a while.
  • Our “main” work we need to do.

We apologize to our users and followers and hope for their understanding.

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