UTS Devlog and Alinit Project news


UTS Devlog and Alinit Project news

by Sviatoslav Bilov (@BilovSviatoslav)


It’s been almost 5 months since the last Devlog (8.1) was posted on the project’s Twitter account (@alinit_uts). First of all, I want to apologize to the subscribers for this huge delay. By the way, in this publication I will speak more on my own behalf than on behalf of the Alinit project team. Why? Read on.

Despite the long absence of publications, the development of the project did not stop. The concept of the game has been significantly changed, and the addition of new, complex functionality is planned.

But first things first.

UTS City map visualization (promo)

Delay explanation

Unfortunately, for the last 5 months I have not had enough opportunities to create more or less normal informational publications. This is partly due to my main job, which is related to IT, but not game development.

Of course, it is possible and necessary to create at least small informational publications. But it turned out how it happened. In addition, many users who have contacted us with inquiries have not received adequate support. I sincerely apologize for this. Now I have completed the work on freelance contracts and can continue full-scale development of UTS.

For about a year of development, I have been working on the game almost independently (sometimes with the help of third-party developers). We have already written earlier that Nikolay Suslo was forced to leave the team because of his university program. My old friend, D. Samoilov helps me with the organization.

We make every effort to minimize or eliminate such delays in the future.

Changes in customer support service

Now the customer support service will use a single email: support@alinit.org
The response to the user’s request will also come from that email account. At the first request, the user will be automatically confirmed that the request has been successfully accepted.
We care about the safety and privacy of our users, therefore, at the end of each letter from the Alinit Support service, there is a link with a list of official media resources of the project that you can trust.

In addition, now all outgoing emails have TLS encryption. Also, SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) were configured to protect users from spam and phishing.

The timing of responding to user requests has been changed. For email inquiries it is now 1 business day, for inquiries via social networks – 3 business days.
Information on the timing of responses is indicated in the automatic confirmation.

We are also working on a privacy policy for the support service, so that make the user support process as transparent as possible.

Changes in the list of official media sources

The network of media resources of the project has been optimized. The Russian-speaking community of the game on Twitter has been removed. Now the Russian-speaking community is available only on Telegram (t.me/utsim).

Changes in the UTS concept

There could be a lot of information in this section, but I will try to tell only about the most significant changes.

“Project for the community”
This status means that more than 95% of the functionality in the game cannot be monetized. The game will be available for download in the app stores for absolutely free.

Cancellation of closed alpha/beta testing
Closed alpha / beta testing will not take place. These tests have been superseded by internal testing. The game will be available to users starting with an open beta test.

New functionality, improvements and automation
In order to make the game even more complex and interesting, it was decided to add several new functions to the concept and rework the existing ones.
For example, UTS MapEditor:

UTS MapEditor tech preview

This system will allow users to create routes on their own. Within 2 weeks I will try to record a more detailed video about this. Also, since I am developing the game almost independently, I pay attention to the creation of tools for automating some of the game development processes. This will save time in the future.

When the game will be released?
This time I can announce a specific date. So, the release of the beta version of the game should be expected on December 15, 2021 (on Google Play).

VDS found!
The problem with the servers has been resolved, and I am preparing everything necessary to conclude a fairly advantageous VDS lease agreement.

Other game name
We originally planned to release a test version of the game called AG Subway Simulator SE, but the game will be released under a slightly different name. So far, this is a secret 🙂


For now, this is all the information I can share with you. Besides, if talk about all the planned features in UTS, you would hardly believe that all this is possible :). Follow the feed. Email us if you have any questions about the game. And thanks for supporting the Ultimate Transport Simulator project!

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