Alinit UTS (Ultimate Transport Simulator)

General Project Information

What is Ultimate Transport Simulator?

Ultimate Transport Simulator (UTS) is a new-generation transport simulation game project targeted for mobile platforms.

Alinit UTS (Ultimate Transport Simulator) currently includes the following sub-projects:

– Alinit UTS: Train Sim Online (beta release soon)
– Alinit UTS: Bus Sim (in development)

Alinit UTS: Train Sim Online
The game provides access to different railroad and subway trains and lines, and also includes the following features:

– Single Player mode
– Multiplayer mode
– Map editor
– Modules editor
– Extended config editor
– Support Center

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The game will be free to download, with a minimum of paid content.

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Special Thanks to:

Alpar Racz, CreatorN, Jayden Lim, Chris King, Ian Scheil

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