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UTS Devlog and Alinit Project news

by Sviatoslav Bilov (@BilovSviatoslav) Introduction It’s been almost 5 months since the last Devlog (8.1) was posted on the project’s Twitter account (@alinit_uts). First of all, I want to apologize to the subscribers for this huge delay. By the way, in this publication I will speak more on my own behalf than on behalf of…
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Slow and Steady

Hello everyone!Unfortunately, the release of AG Subway Simulator SE is delayed. The main reasons are: We’re currently unable to start up a dedicated server for the game. This server is required to process some analytical data and to power up some in-game features. We have a physical server that should be installed in our home…
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UTS development overview (Feb-Mar 2020)

In this post: Common questions about UTS When will the game be released? Why is there not enough information about the project? What game engine is the game being developed on? Will the game be available for free? Latest content ideas from UTS community UTS system requirements (approximate) Our general development notice Alinit Project: news…
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The support delay notice and development overview post announcement

[IMPORTANT]We currently unable to provide support to our customers due to technical limitations. Responding to the support requests will be resumed from April 7, 2020. Hope for your understanding.Notice: no need to create a new support request if you already submitted the same one and have no response. Your request will be answered till April…
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Alinit News release (Jan 2020)(Lite version)

In this release: – UTS project actual development information – Alinit Hub development information – “Unnamed” project introduce and overall information UTS project development progress First of all, we want to say thank you to everyone who staying tuned and waiting for the project news. It’s almost a month since we posted something about the…
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Why do we use Patreon instead of Kickstarter?

The answer is pretty simple. Since our team is completely based in Ukraine, and Ukraine is not in the list of countries are supported by Kickstarter, so we can’t to register an account there. Unfortunately, as Ukrainian developers, we facing many sorts of isolation in the world, which makes some troubles for development. But support…
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Our new Reward Program for Supporters

Initially, our Reward Program contained only one definition for Supporters, but we changed it. In our new Reward Program the Supporters are not only who donate money for our projects, but who share their ideas with us or provides other non-financial support within a specific project we are working on. All nicknames of our non-financial…
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15 followers on Twitter: thanks to those who follow us

Especial post dedicated to our followers on Twitter (today we have 15). It doesn’t sounds so proud as 1 million or 100k (or even 10k…). But it’s something no less significant, because we have the community we’re making our projects for, dosen’t metter it’s big or not. So, today we wanna say thanks to our…
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UTS Community: primary social network is changed

We changed primary social network channel for Ultimate Transport Simulator community from Facebook to Twitter. We hope it will be more convenient to our users. Enjoy!

Simple English notice

Post and pages at this site are written in Alinit Simple English. Please follow this link to get more info.