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AG Subway Simulator Unlimited – 1.4.3 service update

AG Subway Simulator Unlimited 1.4.3 service update – key features/changes Traditionally, this service version will include a core update (stability, security improvements and minor bug fixes) As we close our Twitter community, the social buttons (on the main menu) will be changed Intro developer logo will also be changed (due to publisher name change –…
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“Alpha Intl. IT Group” publisher will soon be renamed

“Alpha Intl. IT Group” publisher account on Google Play will soon change its name to ‘Alinit Project Archives’.This account will be used to support all of our legacy projects, including AG Subway Simulator. Also, the developer logo inside all existing legacy (deprecated) projects will be changed to the Alinit Project Archives logo. Read more about…
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Alinit UTS development progress log (April 2022)

by Sviatoslav Bilov Hello everyone!As always, thank you for reading this post and for your support! This post contains the latest info on Alinit UTS development and AG Subway Simulator maintenance status (in a few words). As many of you know, I’m stuck in Ukraine, right in the conflict area. This hardly affects UTS development…
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